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Our Values

We believe that great science is built on the pillars of inquiry, reason, and ethics. These pillars transcend the boundaries of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. Diversity, after all, is the greatest wonder of the natural world.


Terrestrial ecosystems have a massive capacity to capture carbon and mitigate anthropogenic global change. However, the build-up of plant and soil carbon pools depends heavily on the ability of plants and their below-ground symbionts to acquire soil resources to match demands set by their environment. Despite the importance of these below-ground dynamics, how plants adjust their resource-acquisition strategies under changing environmental conditions is not well understood. Will plants be able to adjust their strategies to access additional resources and increase carbon capture under future climate conditions?

To answer these questions, our lab draws on multiple fields and methods, and studies ecosystems all over the world. To learn more about our research, see the "Projects" page. To learn more about who we are, see the "People" page. 

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