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Joining the Lab

Interested in joining our lab group? I am currently seeking motivated students and post-docs that are excited about understanding how terrestrial ecosystems influence and respond to global change. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to read through some of the lab's papers to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the work that we do, look through the Harvard Admissions page, and then send me an email! I'm always happy to chat with future and early career ecosystem ecologists about their research ideas and whether our lab is the right fit.   

Mentoring Philosophy

As a mentor, my top priority is to create an energetic and collaborative environment where lab members can grow intellectually and personally. My approach focuses on building a strong theoretical background with lab members, enabling them to use that background to identify the big, important ecological questions in the 21st Century, and then working together to answer those questions with the appropriate tools. The goal of this approach is to provide lab members with a strong intellectual foundation from which they have the freedom to pursue their own research interests. 

Mentoring students is one of my favorite aspects of being a scientist. So while I urge my lab members to be independent thinkers, I also love working hands-on with students to develop experimental, statistical, writing, and other skills that will help them answer the questions that excite them. 

-Ben Taylor
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