The Komatsu Lab

My current home is in Kim Komatsu's Ecosystem Conservation lab at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Our lab focuses on plant community responses to global change.

The Menge Lab

I conducted my dissertation research in the lab of Dr. Duncan Menge at Columbia University.  His lab uses both modelling and empirical approaches to investigate elemental cycling and ecosystem processes.


The Pritchard Lab

I spent 3 years as a research technician at the College of Charleston in the lab of Dr. Seth Pritchard.  The Pritchard Lab focuses primarily on fine roots and their role in nutrient uptake and carbon storage.


The Strand Lab

While at the College of Charleston, I worked closely with Dr. Allan Strand on various belowground projects and benefitted greatly from his advising.


The DeWalt Lab

I did my master's work in the DeWalt lab with Dr. Saara DeWalt and Dr. Kalan Ickes.  The DeWalt lab focuses on community ecology in biomes from tropical forests to southeastern US islands and wetlands.  My experience in this lab has largely served as the foundation for how I view the natural world and the experimental understanding of it.

La Selva Biological Station

My dissertation work takes place in the beautiful Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica at La Selva Biological Station. La Selva's contribution to the tropical ecology community is unmatched, and for good reason. That forest at La Selva is beautiful, the facilities are state-of-the-art, the staff are wonderful, and the community of researchers there is always welcoming and supportive.


Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center

My work in Dominica would not be in any way possible without the support I receive from Nancy Osler and ATREC.  They run a wonderful research station and are extremely supportive of visiting researchers.


Bilsa Biological Reserve

Bilsa is a biological reserve and research station in northwestern Ecuador where I conducted my undergraduate research.  While hard to get to, the forests in this reserve are unparalleled.


Black Rock Forest Consortium

Much of my current work in the Menge lab is conducted at Black Rock, a forest preserve in Cornwall, NY.  This facility includes ongoing forest manipulation studies as well as educational outreach programs.

Photo Credit: Durland Fish